Are you sugar burner or a fat burner?

How do you can make your body burn fat all day long?

Being a sugar burner is exactly what it sounds like. Your body body runs on glucose for fuel. That might sound good but also means your body doesn’t go anywhere near your fat reserves to look for fuel and why should it since the body runs on a good supply of carbohydrates

Here is one example of a sugar burner.
I’m constantly hungry, I don’t feel satisfied, I eat breakfast but within an hour I’m looking for something else to eat, I have a mid-morning energy crash or I have a mid afternoon energy crash.
They may get cranky, they may get irritable or very tired and lethargic, they struggle to lose weight and feel like everything they try is just not working.
This becomes a vicious cycle and what your body then does is just crave more simple sugar

So, basically what happens when we eat any processed carbohydrates, refined sugars, soft drinks, alcohol is we get a big spike in our blood sugar levels feeling that initial energy. Our bodies will signal this as an emergency since it’s a rapid change sending out a signal to our pancreas to release insulin to support these sugars.

Insulin’s job is too lower blood sugar by transporting the sugar (glucose) to the muscles and liver. While your body is doing this the insulin is actually blocking any access to your fat stores.

So you have two directions where you can shift your body. As a Sugar burner which was explained above or a Fat Burner which Ill explain below.

Glucagon – The role this powerful hormone plays in fat burning.

What is it?
Glucagon is a hormone secreted by the pancreas just like insulin is. Only thing is Glucagon is released when blood sugar levels are low as opposed to insulin when blood sugar is raised in the body.
Glucagon helps to your blood sugar and energy levels normal in between meals by releasing energy from your liver therefore allowing you to access your body fat stores to be used as energy.
When blood sugar levels get low and your body gets hungry. Glucagon will work to release the nutrients that will give you energy until you eat your next meal.

So it makes sense to stimulate this powerful hormone to start burning fat.

Eating a diet of high fibrous vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, a little fruit (dark thinned skinned), little starch and no sugar will lead to your body consistently having lower glucose/sugar into the blood stream, therefore having lower levels of insulin – resulting in glucagon being activated to start the burning your fat stores and realising it as energy…

Any questions feel free to ask