Over the years of helping individuals with their Health and Fitness goals the number one goal would be losing Body Fat whether its for general health reasons, vanity, self confidence or leading up to a competition it all boils down to wanting to lose that unwanted FAT.

Over the last few years, ketosis has been in the spotlight, people have been lead to believe that this is the most effective way to lose fat FAST yet aren’t told the result of what it can do to your body when not cycling this type of eating over prolonged periods of time.
Your body is such a smart piece of machinery and with our brain producing over 10 billion chemical reactions per second its no wonder our bodies won’t fall for our manipulative tricks for prolonged periods of time.
As an example detoxifying your body to shed that excess fluid and start the fat loss journey is great for a few days but once your body adapts after that 72 hour period it will just start going into defense mode holding on to excess fluid and glycogen.

From my point of view and what I have seen with clients over the last 22 years this is how you will get the quickest fix possible.

Step 1.
Start with getting your digestive enzymes working as efficiently as possible and your gut health must be in order for your body to respond to your fat loss efforts.
I have found a short 24-72 hour detox plan will get your body primed for future fat loss efforts and rid excess fluid within the first 72 hours.
Expect between 1-4kg within that timeframe

Step 2.
Introduce lean protein in to your eating habits after detoxing your body.
Lean protein will be your first choice when it comes to designing your nutritional plan. Protein is the macronutrient that is responsible for rebuilding muscle tissue, cell membranes and increasing your metabolic rate to name a few.

Step 3.
Introduce essential fatty acids into your nutritional plan.
Some examples include: olive oil, coconut oil, fish, fish oil, nuts, grass fed butter

This type of eating is known as the ketogenic plans, which is based on Higher Protein and Fats with of course your fibrous vegetables included. This type of eating will ensure your body shifts from breaking down and using glucose as your primary energy to using your body’s fat stores as fuel, meaning a leaner you.

Ketogenic diets will allow you to eat regular food that you can enjoy even when your out in restaurants which is important if your out socializing during the time of wanting shed some body fat.
In saying that, there are many studies that show consistently that people who eat home cooked meals more often are more successful at maintaining long-term weight loss goals.

Another benefit of the lower carbohydrate ketogenic plan:
It will allow for a quicker reduction in body weight due to the amount of water that is stored in the body. As your glycogen stores (stored energy) go down, the body sheds excess fluid. This could lead to a motivating factor for individuals starting their fat loss journey.

Most people will benefit from using a ketogenic style diet for the quickest way possible to lose body fat.

Here are some important notes to take away:

1. Prime your body with 24-72 hours of a detox plan
2. Introduce the ketogenic plan immediately after the detox plan which has a breakdown of 70% fats, 20-25% Protein and 5-10% Carbohydrates
3. Once per week you should include one higher carb day firstly to give you some mental relief and break the adaptation principle (stop body from decreasing energy expenditure throughout the day).
This is where a lot of people tend to go wrong which should be cleared up. A carbohydrate-refueling day means just that. It doesn’t mean go any enjoy loads of donuts, take away food, refined sugars till your ready to explode. Refuel with the amounts, which your caloric requirements need to keep you progressing.
If you choose those types of foods, that’s fine but stick to your calorie requirements.

4. Develop habits that will help with you fat loss efforts and long term maintenance by keep up your progress checks, more home cooked meals, keeping fit and strong.
5. Sticking to a higher protein intake of at least 1.6kg-2.5kg of net protein per kg of bodyweight while performing strength based training.
6. Have a plan once you have your goal weight achieved. This is a big reason why a high percentage of people gain the weight back soon after they lose it simply because they go back to old habits.
Have a detailed plan on how to train, prepare your meal in advance, sleep patterns, managing stress are all important areas to include in your plan and important when trying to sustain your weight loss efforts.